Change credentials, keeps trying to use old file server name for network credentials & comment for OneCare staff RRS feed

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  • I have a computer running Windows 2008 Server as a network resource. I recently changed the computer name to something less cryptic.


    Under configure backup, I am able to set the network share location without any problems. But when I try to Change credentials to newComputerName\loginName it keeps trying to use oldComputerName\loginName. The login I am trying to set it to is valid.


    [Question 1]

    How do I get the Change credentials to accept the new server name?


    [Question 2]

    Also, does backup program only backup My Documents for the various users. I have a folder named Web off the root that has many Visual Studio Web Projects. Will it back this up as well or will I be forced to move this to where it is under My Documents.


    [Comments for Microsoft OneCare Folks]

    - I would like a feature to backup now

    - I would like to be able to set which locations get backed up

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008 1:51 PM



    If you haven't already done so, I'd reset the backup plan:

    Open OneCare

    Click Change Settings

    backup tab

    Click Configure Backup

    Click change settings in the lower left

    Make sure that the first screen for Centralized Backup has "No Centralized backup" selected

    Click your PC on the left.

    Uncheck the selection for "Turn on backup for this PC."

    Click Next and save the revised plan.


    Go back to the backup tab, configure backup and click Change Settings in the lower left once again.

    Select your PC and click.

    Click Turn on backup

    Select the change location link and select the drive you want to use for backup

    Modify the schedule as desired for "When"

    Select the file types as desired for "What"

    Click next and save the revised plan with the new selection.



    As for the Visual Studio web projects, the answer is not quite straightforward. As long as you have configured backup to scan the local drive for files to be backed up and have selected all file types in the "what" option, data from that folder will be backed up. However, OneCare does not and cannot backup program files, which I assume some of the files in your projects folder will be. My recommendation is to review the "what" settings and then scan the list of files identified by OneCare for backup and compare that to what you have in that folder. I suspect that some files in there will not be backed up. Review this KB article for files that are and are not backed up: 




    Wednesday, July 23, 2008 4:12 PM