Synctoy 2.1 (x64) does not like the french characters on the NAS RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I used to use SuncToy 1.4 for years on my XP station but now I work with "Windows 7" 64 bits and uses ST 2.1.

    I try to SYNC a local USB drive and a Western Digital WorldBook NAS connected on ethernet 100M.

    - SynToys does NOT find on the destination drive (NAS) the files in directories containing "é" or a "â" or other accentuated characters. It does not find them at all, trying each time to overwrite hundreds of files but without success.

    -> 1.4 was clear on this point. It seems that SyncToy 2.1 uses some decoding of file names which is not exactly what we see in explorer and avoids a complete reconciliation between the NTFS drive file names and the NAS ones.

    - SyncToy tries to reproduce the file attributes, especially the "hidden" one. But in a linux-based NAS, you hide a file by putting a "dot" before its name, not by changing a simple flag. SyncToy is not happy with this and it would be nice to have an option "forget attributes for NAS".

    Otherwise, it works very well. But with the first bug, I cannot use it :-(


    Schneider Electric Industries France
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