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  • I have a similar problem from several posted. After 2+ years my Vista Home Premium has decided it is an Evaluation Copy and has given me 8 days to install a legit version. Unfortunately it is a legit version and an upgrade to Premium.  Nobody seems to be able to recover from this problem and most are reinstalling.  I want a damage control plan: reinstalling a clean version seems the only option that will work.  I have tried to buy an upgrade, but I am working in a remote part of Angola so Microsoft Store will not accept my order with bogus: there is a problem with your address or credit card error message.

      I want to prepare to reinstall Vista as a clean install and reinstall all my vital programs.   Office is my biggest concern since everybody else will understand my situation and cooperate since I am doing this pre-crash instead of post-crash.

      My question is: is there any hope of resolving this issue with an upgrade to either Vista Ultimate or Windows 7?  Am I doomed to a clean install with one or the other? 

      I ran the diagnostic and got a zipped file rather than a report, but I will try pasting something below.

      A complication: I don't have original disks--I purchased my computer at Best Buy in Shanghai, China and although it is "genuine" and always has been I have upgraded to Premium and that is the only disk I have, not the original.  The product code on the bottom of my computer is for simplified Chinese, which does me no good. The sales rep did the work to make it English for me.

      Any suggestions on how to handle this or words of encouragement would be appreciated.

      I have 5 more days left before I am cut off.  I cannot download an upgrade.  I cannot do anything until I get home to Bangkok on 12 April as far as getting a new program. I have no plans to go back to the USA as I live in Bangkok and work worldwide for the oil and gas industry. This limits my Microsoft Store options since their security is more important than my functionality.

      I have a zip file called MGADIAG2010032704122536.CAB but it will not give me a report like the others I have seen on this site.

       Help, please.

    Saturday, March 27, 2010 7:48 PM