Hyperlink management tool or expert? RRS feed

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  • I was hoping to not necessarily receive an answer to my development question, but a helpful shove in the right direction to a source that might (where’s the water-cooler where this type of expert hangs out?).

    I was just recently brought on to architect a larger solution that includes adding over 10,000 vendor hyperlinks within a lengthy word document of quarterly engineering specifications this company provides to architects. I’m building an accompanying web-based vendor database that contains the detail we’d like to link to, but believe I might be in need of some type of online intermediary table since the web side would be continually updated, and the word source documents would be static. In short, I’d like to simply insert 10,000 unique hyperlinks within the document that each say “go to this line in the intermediary table and display the current link listed there”.

    To add a further wrinkle, we’d like to see about making some of the information returned available within a tooltip, as well as in an accompanying browser window with MS Word.

    Should I be looking for a MS Word “hyperlink management tool” or a consultant with a particular tool set? I’m struggling to locate the correct vocabulary to even begin this research effectively.

    Any suggestions?

    Thursday, October 22, 2009 2:47 PM