picklist text value in plugin RRS feed

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  • I am experimenting with plugins.

    in my entity I have a picklist called new_service. what I am trying to do is get the text value selected into the plugin.

    In the option sets I created a new option set 'service' with the following vlaues

    1 - Car

    2 - Bike

    3 - Bus

    all I seem to be able to get is the option number and not the text  ie, bus, bike

                    Dim strService As String = String.Empty
                    If entity.Contains("new_service") Then
                        Dim SeviceOption As OptionSetValue = TryCast(entity.Attributes("new_service"), OptionSetValue)
                        strService = SeviceOption.Value.ToString
                        strService = ""
                    End If

    Dont ask me .. i dont know

    Sunday, November 3, 2013 5:53 PM


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