How I got Winows 7 & Synctoys 2.1 & Task Scheduler to work on Router with USB Hard drive RRS feed

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  • How I got Synctoys 2.1 & Task Scheduler to finally work on my network router with USB External hard Drive.


    1.             Map the external drive to the computer as a z drive by Clicking Start, Computer, and Map Network Drive.  Change Drive to Z then under folder Browse and find the USB drive, then click OK, then Finish.

    2.             Delete all Folder pairs within Synctoys, everything, even if working manually.

    3.             Delete all sync.dat files in each source folder & in each destination folder.

    4.             Recreate folder pair (not using the mapped drive) but using \\readyshare\usb folder (as mine says)

    5.             Then run just that newly created folder pair separately.

    6.             Look in File > View Log for any errors. 

    7.             Repeat #4, 5, and 6 for each new created folder pair.

    8.             Lastly, run “All Folder Pair”.

    9.             Open Task Scheduler.

    10.          Click Create Task,

    11.          Under the General tab; Create new name for task, Check “Run whether user is logged on or not”, Check “Run with highest privilege” and Configure for “Windows Vista, Server 2008”.

    12.          Under the Trigger tab; Hit new, check “Daily” and select what time you want it to run. Check synchronize across time zones.  And make sure “Enabled” is checked.

    13.          Under Actions tab: Click “new”, Click browse, find "C:\Program Files\SyncToy 2.1\SyncToyCmd.exe"

    14.          Add argument: –R with one blank space in front of the –R.

    15.          Under Conditions tab; Check: Wake the computer.  Hit OK when finished. A window pops up and asks you for your Admin password if you have password protection.

    16.          On right side of Task Scheduler, under Actions, click on enable all task history.  Highlight newly created task, right click, select run.  This may take a few minutes to run completely.

    17.          After #16 is completed, Highlight newly created task.  Then click on history tab below, and you should see that the task started and eventually see that it was completed without errors. 

    Notes:    Outlook must be closed to backup Outlook properly.

                    Only one instance of syntoys can run at a time to a mutual external hard drive.  So set time accordingly.

    Monday, September 19, 2011 10:07 PM