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  • hi
    i've had problem with my laptop today
    i got a message saying that my computer was at risk because windows automated updates were turned off
    when i clicked to turn them on it said were sorry we cannot do this, please go into control panel > system
    i then went into control panel and clicked system, as it said to do and clicked automated updates
    i double checked that they were switched on and it said they were
    i turned them off and clicked apply, my mcafee then said there was a problem, and i clicked resolve
    and then turned the updates on and it worked.
    however i knew something wasnt right so i did a system restore to the only point which it would let me do which was this afternoon
    i did that
    and the problem hasnt gone

    if i go on the internet, for example google, i see the normal webpage, however if i go down the page then i see the same thing again, it is repeated
    im also getting pop ups which i dont normally get.

    i've scanned my computer
    i've deleted internet files/cookies/browsing history
    system restore (as mentioned above)

    i honestly dont know that the problem is,can anyone help?
    Saturday, September 27, 2008 6:26 PM

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