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  • Good afternoon guys - 

    I am almost at the end of my patience here for trying to resolve this WHS problem I am experiencing. Ive been using WHS since the early beta days, and haven't ever had any problems until a few weeks ago.  My setup is, and always has been comprised of these hardware components - 

    -Dell poweredge 840 Server
    -DS-2350S Aluminum Black eSATA 5 bay SATA Enclosure
    -Sil 3132 2-port SATA II Host Controller (For above enclosure)
    -5x1TB drives in the external enclosure, 2x250gb system drives, 2x750gb internal sata drives.
    -3gb ram

    Now, my current storage was almost full so I was looking for a good solution to expand my storage some more and I found (so I thought) the perfect solution -


    -NORCO DS-1220 3U 12-bay Hot-swap Rackmount eSATA RAID Hard Drive Storage Subsystem

    I had problems with this unit (well, atleast the eSata card that came with it) since the day UPS dropped this little gem off.

    Immediately upon install, WHS booted much slower, and operated much slower.  I also couldnt add any drives in the Norco array to the WHS collective (it would give a error everytime it tried) although it COULD see them.  This included card was a Norco 4618, and I read some extremely mixed reivews on newegg about it and people seemed to have a lot of trouble getting it to work.

    I went out and did some googling and tried everal different things people mentioned on forums.....mainly ensuring the latest drivers and bios on the card.  Oddly enough, there is a jumper on the card that you can change from "raid" to "non-raid" (it was defaulted to raid and i changed it to non-raid before install even)  Apparently this card works better if you change use "raid" and flash it with a base firmware so it acts as a non-raid card anyways....seems sketchy.

    Anyways, I finally did a intricate combination of downloads/tweaks/happy dances and got it to recognize the drives, and i could add them to the collective after 2 or 3 tries.  Over the next week or 2 I started getting "delayed write failed" messages and chkdsk would run at startup almost every time. The even viewer spewed a lot of errors too.

    I spent a few more hours today working on this issue, (my RMA window possibility closes on Sat) to get this resolved and I think I got it figured out possibly. - I yanked the Norco-4618 card out, and since I only had 2 drives in the new Norco Storage system so far, I plugged the applicable eSata cable into the free port on the Sil 3132 2-port SATA II Host Controller and powered the server up - so far all is well with no problems, she's cruisin along nicely - very quick and responsive again.  No errors, media is accessible and streams fast.  I'm not sure if the card itself is a problem or just the drivers or the way I installed it or what, but...yikes.  I give up on that card.  The Norco storage unit itself seems to work great though, so I'll be keeping that and getting a different 4-port controller card.

    I guess this is more of a FYI/discussion then a question but if anybody else is experiencing some issues with this card...good luck.  I wasn't aware a flaky card could cause so many headaches like that!

    Andbody have opinions between these 2 cards or a different/better alternative?

    -Highpoint RocketRAID2304 ($149.99)

    -Highpoint RocketRAID 2314 ($179.99)

    -They seems very similar to me aside from one is 

    ||PCI-e x1 (x4, x8 and x16) slot compatible||
    and the other is
    ||PCI-e x4 (x8 and x16) compatible||

    I have a x8 free on the server now, the other card is a 1x...I'd most likely go for the 2314 unless there is a compelling reason not to?
    Thanks guys!

    Nextel.Done.| - I Do Blu.
    Sunday, November 9, 2008 11:19 PM


  • Hello,
    bad cabling, problems with the connectors and driver issues can cause situations as you describe and it is sometimes hard to diagnostic, what is the cause.
    No opinions about the cards anyway besides that RAID controller cards should not be necessary, since RAID is not supported by WHS and therefore brings no substancial benefits.
    Best greetings from Germany
    Wednesday, November 12, 2008 8:21 AM