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  • Just a few comments on my experience with WHS Tivo-HD and MKV file formats.

    I tried The Tivo Publisher but at this point in its development it does't wotk for me. I have @ 480GB currently in my videos folder and that would not be possible without sub-folders. The sub-folder problem with Publisher made me look else-were for a solution. I found that PYTIVO was perfect for my needs. If you set "Hack=83" in the configuration file, the sub folders and their contents are shown and played perfectly. Many of my files are formatted as MKV (h.264) which up to this point had to be reformatted into .AVI  MP3 files to work with my Rapsody N35 media device. This format procedure is problematic to say the least.

    The PYTIVO however transfers these files and properly formats on the fly...  Yea Baby!

    Tivo-HD worked with version 9.2 or the new "Butterfly" BETA 9.3  

    I'm sure the tivo add-in Publisher will be a more intergrated solution when the folder issue is resolved.

    N.B.  PYTIVO runs as a service

    Thursday, March 6, 2008 3:22 AM