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  • Hello People.
    I´m implementing the Customer Portal for OnPremise CRM.
    In the "Customer Portal Deployment Guide On Premises
    v2.0", I have the following questions:

    "Says: 4.Register your application using a Windows Live ID (any WLID account that you would like to use to manage your Windows Live applications can be used). Registering your application allows Windows Live to authenticate with your web portal application. Go to https://live.azure.com. Click the Add an application link:"

    Question 1:
    I think I don´t need to do this step, because My CRM is OnPremise.  Is that Correct??

    Objective: My clients log in Customer Portal through a "User" or "Password". I think have to redirect this "User" to a "MS CRM User Account". 

    Question 2:
    I already have "Customer Portal" in CRM->Content Management->Website->Active WebSites.  What is the Next Step?

    Thanks in advanced.

    Roxana Cevallos Q. -PARTNER-

    Friday, April 20, 2012 2:33 PM

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  • Q1: Currently the only authentication provided out of the box is using Windows Azure federation authentication. Deployment guide shows how to set it up to work with WLID, however you can use other providers within ACS setup. To use Active Directory authentication you need to write your own authentication provider.

    Q2: If you are doing new deployment, you can try and specify the location of the old portal in WebSiteCopy tool and it will copy that website's contents into the new deployment. If you are upgrading existing one, then removing previous solution removes the website and it needs to be redeployed. If you don't uninstall and install on top of it, default website will be picked up and should work. Let us know if you are having issues, these are infrequent scenarios.

    Friday, May 4, 2012 11:42 PM