H/W Verification Tool fails RRS feed

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  • Hi forum,

    i recently bought a Sora RCB + RAB + XCVR2450 DB. I'm trying to run this on a Alienware Area-51 (Intel Core i7 X 990 @ 3,47Ghz). I successfully installed the SDK and the drivers (including hwtest drivers). Then I tried running the h/w verification tool and got the following output:

    Load radio configuration from D:\SoraSDK1.5\bin\SavedConfig.ini.
    freqOffset 0
    txgain 0xa00
    rxgain 0x2000
    rxpa 0x1000
    centralFreq 2422
    sampleRate 40
    freqOffsetLineSlope -0.894000
    freqOffsetLineIntercept 0.000000
    SoraUInitUserExtension called
    SoraURadioStart called
    SoraURadioSetFreqOffset called. freqOffset set to 0
    SoraURadioSetTxGain called. txgain set to 0xa00
    SoraURadioSetRxGain called. rxgain set to 0x2000
    SoraURadioSetRxPA called. rxpa set to 0x1000
    SoraURadioSetCentralFreq called. centralFreq set to 2422000
    SoraURadioMapTxSampleBuf called
    SoraURadioTransfer called. SampleSize = 1048576
    TxID: 0
    Start transmitting signal...
    SoraURadioTx called
    SoraURadioTx failed. ret = 80050012
    End transmitting signal.
    SoraURadioTxFree called
    SoraURadioUnmapTxSampleBuf called
    SoraUCleanUserExtension called



    What am I doing wrong? And which way to plug the XCVR2450 into the RAB? Did I miss any label which tells me how to plug in the DB rightly?





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  • This is likely a compatibility issue between Sora RCB and the PC you use. Since the root cause of this issue is the PCIe endpoint implementation provided by Xilinx, it's unlikely be resolved efficiently. We provide a list of PCs which have been proved compatible with Sora, this list is available at http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/sora/academickit.aspx.

    My suggestion is to try another PC. Besides the machines in the list, some Dell XPS workstations and ASUS motherboards are also compatible with Sora RCB, if you happen have them in hand, it could be a quick solution to try them. Also, you can get more information related to compatible PCs by contacting Sora vendor. 


    Wednesday, January 4, 2012 8:15 AM