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  • Hello All,

    I am new in CRM 2011. My client want me to prepare monthly newsletter and configure it on CRM.

    I have created html file and added in email template. We have "Send Direct Email" buttons on almost each entity. We can use that. But i am not aware how to send this newsletter email monthly automatically? Is there anything inbuilt functionality to do that?

    One more thing, Can anyone tell me what configuration required in CRM 2011 to send emails? Because i send this email template in test account but didn't received any email. When i opened Closed Activities of that account, record is there which is saying "This message has not yet been submitted for delivery. For more information, see help". May be some configuration missing. It will be great if someone help me on this.



    Saturday, June 29, 2013 5:42 AM

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  • To achieve full email functionality with Dynamics CRM, you will need to install the Dynamics Email Router and configure it for your environment.  You will also need a functioning SMTP system through which to relay emails.  It sounds like this is probably the most likely break in the process of relaying your message to the Internet.

    As for the method of automatically sending periodical emails, there are limits within CRM that could make it difficult.  However, you might want to consider a mix of automation and human interaction for best results.  Consider:

    1. Using Marketing Lists to identify and target your newsletter recipients, then
    2. Using Quick Campaigns for each newsletter to be sent to these recipients, which...
    3. ... can be used to select your message template and automatically spin off one email per recipient for the Email Router to relay

    This tip, and many like it, can be found in The CRM Field Guide, which I not only contributed to, but recommend heartily for the novice and expert alike.  I mention it because I referenced it to validate my assumptions on this feature, which I do not frequently use.

    Dave Berry - MVP Dynamics CRM - http:\\crmentropy.blogspot.com Please follow the forum guidelines when inquiring of the dedicated CRM community for assistance.

    Sunday, June 30, 2013 8:21 AM