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  • When I reply to a question and that reply is simply to direct the OP to a more appropriate resource, e.g. when people ask VB6 questions in a VB.NET forum, my direction gets marked as an answer, gaining five points. For such a trivial answer, I feel it doesn't deserve such recognition. Maybe two points would be more appropriate, or would that lead to squabbling over what was a trivial answer and what involved more thought? Would "grading" of answers actually have any use?


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  • Correction - each answer is currently worth 10 points and helpful vote - 5. The reply is worth 2 points.

    UPDATE. New rules are slightly different. Helpful post is still 5 points, but answer can be rated from 10 to 20. Reply is now worth 0 points.

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  • That's it, make me feel more guilty :)

    However, I just checked the FAQs again and discovered that the recognition system is changing to something I would consider roughly equivalent to what I suggested, so my question is already obsolete.


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  • If you mean the Gold ; Silver; Bronze thing, it too will no doubt in time become just as flawed as the points system has become in the past year or so.

    Up to then many sets of forums had Moderators who didn't mark as answers posts which just gave semi-relevant information but those that were actually the single best answer to the question asked in the thread.

    But now most forum Moderators seem to have moved to giving credit for writing a reasonably relevant reply and thus the points system has become a travesty of what it used to be.

    Time therefore for a new set of "points" only now lets call them Gold; Silver and Bronze and make it less opaque so more difficult to game. However if the Super Moderators (i.e. I'm a Moderator and I can't give anyone even Bronze points but someone must do) who now control granting Gold, Silver and Bronze points aren't given training in *not* giving points for nothing, we are going in no time to have a second failed system.  (and if there is software giving these points, just how accurate do we expect it to be in spotting genuinely good answers to the actual question?)

    and meantime all those points people have accumulated in the old system become what I always said that they are namely completely worthless as you still won't be able to trade them for anything - not even for Gold/Silver/Bronze points.

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  • I think stackoverflow suffers with the same issue... easy posts get more votes. Good thing is that users can start bounty to get interest to more difficult posts, but sometimes the bounty list is too long and you are back to expert exchange.

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