CRM 4.0 Assigning Cases and duplicate history entries RRS feed

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  • Q1: Why do I have duplicates in my history of a case?  Currently I have a WF that notifies the user upon case assignment.  When this fires it appears twice in the history of the case.  I have track as 2 activities off when between 2 users.  This also happens when sending an email to a queue. In 3.0 there was a registry setting to prevent this but I added it and it did nothing.

    Q2:  How come I can't reassign a case BACK to a queue.  For example I accidentally assigned the wrong case to myself.  I then select Assign from Actions, then change the source to be queues, select the queue.  And nothing happens.  However if I select another user, everything works fine.

    *None of the emails sent to the queue will be from contacts or accounts.

    We are so close!!!! please help

    Wednesday, January 28, 2009 9:05 PM