Which forum for windows 7 unable to read a perfectly serviceable BluRay 25Gb data disk? RRS feed

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  • Sorry, I cannot find my way around this vast site. I need help please with a desktop that has developed a dislike for 25Gb bluray disk containing archived data. Same disk reads perfectly in my windows 7 laptop.

    Desktop does show (in Computer) that ~20G of the disk is used, but refuses to share the identities of the files and folders that the disk contains. It gives me a burn-to-disk message, indicating that the system believes the disk to be empty.

    I did download and try to install a Win7 UDF update hotfix but got the message that it was not applicable to my system.

    The system was previously able to handle bluray disks, and I used Nero Platinum to do the burning, and they are read on the laptop. So I need to know what microsoft update has affected the operation, since I cannot ascribe anything else that I might have done that has caused this.

    Thank you in advance, and please point me to the correct forum group if I am out of order.


    Friday, April 14, 2017 12:43 AM