I have a 6GB laptop but on the computer page it says i only have 186gb OS(C:) 186gb (Windows 8) Did i get ripped off or is this a problem with windows 8 because my friend has the same problem RRS feed

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  • ok so the title says it all, i'll try to provide Pics, if anybody knows how to use the 6GB harddrive instead of the OS PLEASE help me out, i'd like really appreciate it 

    now i'd love to post the pictures but i'm getting stupid error saying i need to verify my account, haha i guess making having hotmail for over a year isn't long enough for them to verify my account >_>

    anyways the rating page of my computer or (Control Panel>System and security>System) page says the memory is 6GB so is the stickers on the Laptop, as for the  " Computer page as i listed above 186gb which is about to be full if i download 2 more programs and 1 BIG game the OS memory would be full -_- please help, also i know this might be the wrong section but the category is just weird and confusing...

    Monday, August 12, 2013 10:18 PM