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    Loyalty brand engineering

    The brand erosion within consumers brings into question the orthodoxy of traditional marketing practices across all market segments. Argues that corporations urgently need to redefine how they build and manage brand equity along the supply chain.

    The management activities and competencies is forced to develop innovative brand management process to redefine a new customer brand strategy.

    Brand re-engineering process

    Bridging the gap between customer and brand value

    The corporate brand process is undergoing a whole new face lift in the consumer-brand relationship. The process is adopting a new approach to corporate brand management that brings the process into line with recent advances in the management of customer- organization relationship.

    Traditional marketing and brand-building approach, characterized by a narrow, product-focused selling proposition, no longer adds real customer value. As a result, a gap has arisen between the value offered by the brand and the value expected by its customers.

    The factors that contribute to this value gap are demonstrated in changing customer and the changing organization where customer value is increasingly generated by business processes traditionally outside the remit of brand management.

    High performance engineering

    Brands are a key advantage to any company but their intangibility makes them complex to value expectation. Measuring brands, however, is of paramount importance to any organization, it open doors to future market indications trends, help brand managers in their decision making that can be vital in customer-organization relationships.

    In order to make the most of the interactivity in this altruism , organizations will need to reengineer their corporate branding process to leverage their business sustainability.

    The new brand engineering face lift

    The natural state for any brand is one of decline, as the market, or it?s competitors, catch and overtake it. With effective management, however, a brand can be preserved, and whilst products may have a life cycle, there is no reason why a brand has to die.

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    Wednesday, March 4, 2009 1:35 PM