Writing a PIM application RRS feed

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  • On XP, the Broadcomm bluetooth software would let me store PIM items in a folder as vCards, so I could back up my phone contacts without paying Sprint for the backup service. I could also edit them with a text editor and send them back to the phone. On Windows 7, this is no longer an option. Now, I could just store them in XP mode. I would prefer to have a PIM to receive them, but so far all I know that will show up in the selection for a PIM is Outlook. I don't have Office at home, and I don't want to contaminate my work computer with my personal contacts.

    Instead of downloading every supposed PIM application on the Internet to see if it shows up, I'd rather write a simple application to act as a contact manager for my phone contacts.

    Just where in MSDN do I look for what an application has to do to show up in that list of "PIM applications" and successfully accept items? Every time I search in MSDN for anything to do with PIM items or applications, I find the documentation on how to access the contacts on Windows Mobile.


    Wednesday, April 21, 2010 8:16 PM