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  • bocais,

    You'll have to wait for a moderator to explain why that was done.

     But in general, I believe the moderators try to mark answers that solve the basic problem in the thread.  Your thread was about "how to get a string from a table and match it with another".  The code solution by CountryStyle did this, although perhaps not in the specific way that matched your code exactly.  There are often numerous ways to solve a problem and multiple right answers.

    It's good for the benefit of others who are later searching for a solution in MSDN, to be able to go into a past thread like yours and see all the answers that could potentially solve their problem.

    Tom Overton
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    Thursday, September 29, 2011 7:47 PM
  • I guess,  CountryStyle's reply addresses your question...

    the function he mentioned gives the list of DataRows with that filter expression matches..

    Yes, Tom is right when Moderator sees that answer is solution to problem they will mark so that when any other search for same can look at it...

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    Thanks Tom and Kris for your explanation for me J  You are right.


    Hi bocais,


    Thanks for your feedback and understanding.


    Sometimes, Moderator needs to identify appropriately all qualified answers to a question/thread. There are often multiple approaches/answers to solve a problem.

    1. It will be very beneficial for other community members who have the similar questions and can quickly identify/find the answers when they search for answered threads in the MSDN forum.


    2. Also, the Forum Rules (Appropriate Marking as Answer and Voting as Helpful) can reflect recognition to community contributors.

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    If you have any difficulty in future programming, you are welcome to post in MSDN Forum again.

    If any feedbacks about MSDN Forum operation or features,  you can submit them the Feedback and Discussions Forums

    Martin Xie [MSFT]
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  • Hi Martin,

    I understand, and my issue was that I mark replies as answers after I test them and see how they work. So, sometimes it takes a while before I do that especially when my issue is resolved by another answer that I have already marked, because I get busy with other priorities, but can get to it later. I thought if you mark replies it can be confusing when I need to review a thread in the future, but I see what you mean and I am with the rules.

    Maybe, it is the fact that some people reply without understanding the issue very well or assume that the asker is able understand all the complicated terminologies and logics that they provide them with, although it is often very clear from they way a question is asked that this asker is a newbie.

    I think this is the issue, and when I don't understand a reply, I reply back to the same user. If they clarify their answer, I'll have the chance to test it, otherwise, their reply may not help me.



    Friday, September 30, 2011 7:10 AM
  • Thanks bocais to tell us your thought. You are considerate.

    I move this thread to Feedback and Discussions Forums so that Forum Administrators can read and evaluate this feedback.

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    Tuesday, October 4, 2011 5:49 AM
  • Hi Martin, I appreciate your responsive action!

    Tuesday, October 4, 2011 10:06 AM