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  • Hello,

    I am preparing for my exam of MS Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Portal, would you please be able to help me find out the best answer for the following questions:

    Let's say You are a technical support specialist for your company and are responsible for supporting employee mobile devices.

    The sales department recently began using Microsoft Dynamics 365. Some of the sales staff want to know if they need to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 for phones express to access the Microsoft Dynamics 365 server. Which type of mobile device configuration requires the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for phones express?

    A. an iOS device with less than a 9-inch screen

    B. an Android phone that does not have a supported browser

    C. a Windows 10 phone that uses only a supported browser

    D. a Windows 8.1 phone that uses the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for phones app

    Answer: I would say B, what do you think? Because I don’t think we care about the 9-inch screen in this case.

    Another question, if  You are a systems architect helping a company deploy Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online. & The company currently uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, which is hosted on-premises. The company needs to migrate the data within that system to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

    Which import method should you use to accomplish this goal?

    A. Migrate the data by using the Data Loader service.

    B. Upload CRM SQL backup file using the On-Premises to Online Conversion Service.

    C. Restore the CRM 2016 On-premises database in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 administration


    D. Export the data to multiple CSV files.

    Answer: Should be D right?

    Imagine You are the network manager for a company that wants to implement Microsoft Dynamics 3 65. Your users have Active Directory accounts. These accounts are stored on-premises.

    Management wants users to have a seamless login experience, using Single Sign-On (SSO). What should you do to accomplish this goal?

    A. Synchronize Active Directory with Microsoft Office 365.

    B. License all users for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Office 365 Admin Portal.

    C. Implement Active Directory Federation Services.

    D. Create accounts within the Microsoft Office 365 Admin Portal.

    Answer: I would say C because ADFS is associated to SSO, right?

    Now let’s say you work for a large organization that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365. The organization wants to allow users to install Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook, but users do not

    have local administrator rights on their computers. How should Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook be installed for the users who need it?

    A. by using Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

    B. by configuring a Group Policy on Active Directory

    C. by using the command line on each computer

    D. by using the download link in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 web application

    Would you please help me or advise me with respect to the answer?

    Another question:  You are a system administrator at Contoso, Inc. You need to ensure that administrative notifications for your production instance are also sent to

    your external partner. What should you do?

    A. Add the external partner to the deployment administrators group.

    B. Create an Office 365 group and forward notifications to the group.

    C. Create a security group and forward notifications to the group.

    D. Add the external partner as an additional recipient on the production instance.

    Answer:I am confused here, what could be the answer? C?

    Let’s say You were recently hired as a consultant for a company that plans to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365. Your job requires you to administer the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, which includes managing

    user accounts, creating quotes and orders, creating workflows, and performing data imports. Which action is required for your user account?

    A. Mark the account as administrative.

    B. Mark the account as non-interactive.

    C. Assign the System Administrator role.

    D. Assign the System Customizer role.

    Answer: Shouldn’t be C? because making it administrative role or administrator would not have access to Sales, Marketing,.. right?

    Thank you in advance,



    Wednesday, August 16, 2017 10:09 PM

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  • Hello Greta!

    Looks like you were preparing for MB2-715, Did you manage to clear it?
    If you did, Congrats!
    I am also planning for MB2-715 and I would appreciate if you can update the answers to your questions here. That would be a great help.


    Puneet Joshi - Dynamics CRM Developer

    Sunday, January 14, 2018 10:25 PM