Windows Live OneCare detected virus, attempted to clean, then everything went to ***. Can't find virus. RRS feed

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    I returned home to find a message on my screen that OneCare had detected a virus.  This was not during a reqular scan or from any other action that I had done so I an unsure what prompted this message.  I clicked on the button to delete or clean the virus.  OneCare was unable to delete the virus and told me it was quarantined.   At that point my screen began to flicker and within a few minutes nothing was functioning properly and my desktop locked up.  Since then I have only been able to operate in safe mode.  I have run a virus scan in safe mode that produced the following:


    a SafeModeAVScanner -s -h scan produced no suspect files

    a SafeModeAVScanner -d c:\ - h -b scan produced no suspect files



    Virus Properties:  It locks up the desktop and causes it to flicker on and off.  You cannot use the any menus and the bottom tool bar disappeares.  The virus creates a small red astrike with some dots and dashes at the uppermost left corner my desktop.  You can actually right click on this astrike and it produces a pull down menu with "Brief Case" "Word" "Excel" "Notepad" and other programs listed.  It also had a computer to computer connection symbol (as if there was a connection).  I disconnected my internet connection and a red x appeared over this connection symbol. 


    Even though my desktop was non-functional, from another computer on my home network, I was able access the hard drive and copy and move files around.  Nothing has been deleted or altered by virus that I can find.  It seems to be a virus intended to steal data and send it elsewhere

    Sunday, October 19, 2008 12:30 PM