Enahncement (Or Bug): When failing to copy files RRS feed

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  • 1)  In SyncyToy 1, if the source file was unable to be copied (e.g. was held exclusively open by another application) then SyncToy would just skip this file and move on (with appropriate log file entry)


    In SyncToy 2.0, the destination file is now set to 0 bytes. This means that even the previous backup will now be lost. A day old backup is better than none at all! can behaviour be reverted back to the previous one?


    2) Also minor note: There is a spelling error in the output "Warning: 46 failures occured." Occured should have two r's (occurred).

    (Not that I'm knocking such a good little tool)






    WARNING for others: I Just noticed I have no backup of my Outlook PST, with all my daily backups being obliterated sue to Outlook holding the file exclusively! Check this is you use SyncToy to backup e-mail.

    Monday, January 12, 2009 11:40 PM