I.E. 8 locks up with a white screen when viewing PDF's in the broswe, RRS feed

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  • WHen you view it in the broswer it locks up to either one of the following:

    1. White screen with a line 1/3 of the way down the screen. You can sometimes

    open it if you keep banging away several times with it or close \and open I.E.8 and try again.

    2. Filenet files (Adobe PDF's both older 7,8,versions and the current 9.0

    version. I use the whole 9.0 Pro edition with Canon Dr7080C, OCR, Capture

    PErfect 3.0, on the network, XP. THe second version is the most annoying, it

    flips to the background and the previous screen your at to tag the file for

    download comes up and the white screen goes to the background. Here's the

    kicker, its locked up! When you go to that screen, you can't get out of the

    screen, it pings nope! To clear you have to go to the task maanger and hard

    shut down the screen. (Note) It shows it running fine and not "Not responding"

    like other programs do when they crash. Also Foxit has hijacked I.E. 8 and wont

    allow Adobe to be the default reader. Also the navigation pane is a blue bar

    hard against the left side of the screen.

    Wednesday, May 25, 2011 4:12 PM