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    Well it looks good and will be very handy.

     My impressions probably overlap other folk's comments - so I guess they will need synchronising.

    I have just set up a couple of pairs between my work PC and my QNAP server I lug between work and home.


    [1] It's a bit arbitrary which is left and which is right {*}

     ...and then which way round will the coin land when I flip it at home :-}

    ...I tend to use my QNAP server as a file server at home so might not bother to synch at home. I would if it was a USB stick but then a whole bunch of other issues arise about using that as a sort of "database view" and transferring "Views"

    as the 4GB capacity will not hold the whole repository to be synchronised.


    [2] After choosing left and right there is a dialogue with radio buttons showing Synch/Echo/C... {what was that memorable C-word - collaborate, contribute, confirm?} - shame I'd forgotten what was left and right and it was not showing on the dialogue, Oh well, I'm safe because there was a hint that there's a preview option.


    [3] Simple synchronisation worked - I knew which file was out of synch  ...Oh, it spotted two I'd forgotten. Great ;-}


    [4] Big test of all the files used in making DVD of school productions. Lots of GiB here and some deliberate non-synchs

    under my manual regime as video files converted from format to format as I had stepped through the minefield of broken

    software from Nero to Windows movie maker to produce DVDs without crashing apps or OS.


    Hmm. So much for right and left (except for the reminder in the bottom right quadrant).

    We now have Source and Destination columns and there's not even a big fat horizontal

    bar between the two directions.

    If we had a left to right and a right to left pane then column sorting could be done independently.

    An Excel/Access sort columns on 1st, 2nd ...nth order would be handy.

    Personally, I think path names should be expressed relative to the Left and Right roots as you just get useless repetition

    of the paths; the path columns ought to have horizontal scrolling (damn, a feature I hate in Vista because it tries to be smart and just irritates, but here it would be good as long as under user control).


    Another model here might be the one used in FTP by GUI programs, but I trust you started from that style

    and rejected it for usability reasons that I've not thought through yet.


    [5] Better selection options (All/Invert/Clear and use of the standard shift key selection) should be offered.


    [six] What order is this going to run as ?  I can order up and down and by column and have Red operations for the same file name going each way. Better un-tick those ones. [ Thankyou for not using the ambiguous term "check" :-} ]


    [7] Before I start my run, it occurs to me that some "step through" (maybe with confirm) feature could supplement

    the preview feature. Further, Pause, priority change and abandon options should be offered


    [eight] I had to rename one of the folders as I'd manually created slightly different names. The Synch Toy was open pre-run.

    That forced an exception "cannot access its internal metadata file in one of the folders being synchronized."

    Fair enough for a beta. I'll start again.

    ! brilliant I just had to re-click Preview. Well done those coders.


    {*}[9] what about synchronising the metadata ? I need to manually remember the names for my Left and Right sets ?

    Perhaps an optional metadatadump should be in Left and Right areas - would get v.complicated if not just exchanging

    between the same two points  with same meta data every time (I did some Lotus Notes work about 18 years ago)


    Right, enough comment; work to do. I'll use what I've got.



    [six] and [eight] showed as emoticons so digit to alpha applied !!  Devil Music

    Tuesday, April 29, 2008 2:15 PM

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  • [10]  ..oh and the timestamp is in USA format and ignores the local date format. The January time stamps are an hour out now because of BST (UK) but only an hour out so the time zone part is correct. That's not a practical problem however for the sort of things I'm doing now.


    Tuesday, April 29, 2008 3:13 PM