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  • Using on-premise CRM SharePoint server side integration CRM 2016 SP1.

    I have some unexplained behaviour in the OOTB SP integration and I wonder if anyone can shed some light on it?

    In my solution I have account hierarchy visualisation using the parentaccount relationship. I also have a custom relationship to [sales channel account] that is near the top of the hierarchy.

    When I leave [Based on entity] blank I do get expected result - each account record SP folder is under the root account.

    However when use [Based on entity = account] I find that each account record SP folder is rather under the custom [sales channel account] like: 

    server.acme.co.uk/sites/crm/account/Sales Channel/account/Customer_714020_36ED1ED808F1E51180C6005056B8F805

    Whilst this may be desirable in certain cases I can find no setting in CRM that controls this???? The relationship is purely referential (but it does appear in the mapping, along with parent account).

    Additionally, the behaviour is inconsistent so if this SP folder has already been created and I then create a case folder then this appears below the account as expected.

    However if the account folder does not yet exist before creating a case folder then the [account/Sales Channel/] partial path is not included????

    Many thanks

    Monday, July 4, 2016 9:34 AM

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  • Additional information - when using [Based on entity] I can see multiple document location records with a relative URL of account and no regardingobject. Just wondering if there is a bug introduced on SP1 with the automatically create folders feature?
    Monday, July 4, 2016 11:22 AM