CRM 2011 Email router not working properly RRS feed

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  • Hi everyone,

    Installation characteristics:

    CRM 2011, windows server 2008, SQL server 2008, Emaul router 2011 with rollup 1 and 2. NO exchange server.


    We installed CRM and email router succesfully and configured both an incoming and an outgoing profile in email router to work through a POP3 email sever (alestra). We do not have an exchange server. We verified the users both in CRM and in email router and received a "success" message from email router. The problem is that when an incoming email arrives to the email account which is configured both in active directory and in a licensed CRM user that email sometimes makes it all the way to CRM and sometimes it doesnt. From those emails that do make it all the way to CRM some of them take 4minutes to arrive and some take 18hours to arrive. Up till today we have not discovered any patterns or similiarities between those emails that do and do not make it all the way to CRM from their sender and passing through the POP3 email account.

    Nevertheless every single email sent to that account will be shown in the inbox (alestra server) confirming us that the emails do arrive to the email account but not all the wat to CRM.

    Has anyone experienced such a weird behavior from email router?

    Any suggestions?



    Friday, July 22, 2011 10:47 PM