It's been a good two weeks since i was hacked. let me say it was a good one, I lost a good job, all my accounts had to be changed orfixed got a damaged computer, and still no way to find work microsoft said it would fix it back, they need to give me a lap RRS feed

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  • What I'm trying to say is. All those weeks I was getting hooked up on a affiliate account, That coming Thursday at 9:00pm I was going to watch a webinar then my computer was not working. what was going on was Microsoft security was going after that hacker. the next day Microsoft security told me they was watching him for a good while, they new I was upset, but they said they got a new security, they said they was sorry about everything, and fix things back like it was the best as it can. see all that time they new he was on there, know don't get me wrong here i'm glad they got him. but look what it cost me. every one thinks I was just lazyand din't want to work. I tried to tell all I could this computer was holing me back. for two years I never made a nickel on line. every body that got that deal like I did, was doing good. they found out what it fills like to get that first commission on line. I wish I had two nickels to rub together, no I got a hard time. I had one bank that just took it on there mine to move my account to a bank that I have not used in years then fixing all bank accounts. getting new cards change passes, I could not even get a loan after all his, and we are here sitting in the dark with out any power, going on a mouth and my computer is down that hacker did a lot of damage. if Microsoft wants to put it back like it was , it can't, but since they used me and my computer, they could give me a laptop, it not like they don't have very many. and I know it's not money. it want fix what happen but it will give me a good start, every one that work on support has been so nice to me. every day i'm out there looking for that right move. I think it would be better to just get a new laptop. it they can't give me one, fix it so I can get one at a low payment. I got to keep going thank Microsoft you did good Barry
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  • lets see if I can get a computer this one is all gone it took me two days to get to Microsoft support , be yes when I get a way to do some writing . just let me know in a few weeks. maybe I will have some of this fixed. it is hard if your computer not working rigtht let me tell you this . I was trying to let Microsoft know that they said they would fix this for me. knowing i'm the only one that can fix this. but they used me . they got him . see I can not type like I need to I got to go all the way over to put numbers in, well took me in so I could sign in. I said to my self they just don't know. there is no phone to talk to them , so I tried to put my email in , it was putting what it wanted so they put my email at the bottom of the page,, so I click it, they new it was me. then they wanted my password, man let me tell you I could not get the two 00's. you know what I did I put two Q's that is all I could do . they said you need to reset now   , I liked to fell out of my chair when I layed out those two Q's got to go I will be back if I come up with the money this has been one hell of a month for me,  take care Barry
    Sunday, October 13, 2019 6:05 AM