Indexing Problem Will Resolve: RRS feed

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  • It appears that MSN has encountered a crawling problem as indicated by the sheer number of sites that are not being crawled and subsequently, indexed.  Brett is aware and It appears that he is on the job trying to resolve this issue.  I would assume that he will make contact with management to report this problem and that the software engineers will soon correct this issue or people will start to quite wasting their time constructing pages and optimizing for msn.  These things take care of themselves it is just a matter of how much damage MSN wants to create for themselves by driving people away from live search before they fix the problem.


    Brett, I would like to thank you for diligently trying to help me and everyone else in this forum.  To microsoft management.  The only individual I found in this organization is Brett that is trying to help.   Score: Employee 10 - MSN 3 and only a 3 because you hired Brett otherwise 0, for now.  Get it together, MSFT I am also a shareholder.


    If your site is being crawled you likely have an optimization problem or a problem within your code that is preventing indexing and ranking.  

    Saturday, January 24, 2009 5:03 PM


  • Tax Guru,


    Thank you. I do try to help. Unfortunately, all I can do for ranking/algo issues is document and make suggestions using our internal feedback tools. Still many thanks.





    Monday, January 26, 2009 4:21 PM