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    This is the conversation from OneCare LiveChat. It was frustrating and unhelpful. This is after the update fom 2-1-2008. I admit I was irritated from the beginning and was short with the LiveChat person. Here is a transcript of that conversation. Tell me if anyone else out there has noticed this problem and if OneCare is doing anything to fix this problem.





    5:57:37 PM  Joseph Hargrave

    Initial Question/Comment: Windows Live OneCare action required

    6:04:48 PM System

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    6:05:02 PM Ronino D

    Thank you for contacting Windows Live OneCare Support. My name is Ronino D. May I call you Joseph?

    6:05:12 PM Joseph Hargrave


    6:05:42 PM Ronino D

    Thanks Joseph. Just to make sure I have the correct information so I can send you a summary of our chat session today, I show your email address as XXX, is this correct?

    6:05:49 PM Joseph Hargrave


    6:09:17 PM Ronino D

    I show your incident number as 1057524282. Is this correct or do you have another case that you have been working under previously?

    6:09:33 PM Joseph Hargrave


    6:10:32 PM Ronino D

    Ok Joseph, so the issue we are going to work on today, as I understand is OneCare detects your AdAware2007 and want to remove it. Is this correct?

    6:10:40 PM Joseph Hargrave


    6:13:42 PM Ronino D

    Let me try to help you Joseph on your issue regarding on OneCare.

    6:13:47 PM Joseph Hargrave


    6:14:37 PM Ronino D

    Regarding on your issue, you really need to remove it, OneCare detects that program as a conflicting application.

    6:19:22 PM Joseph Hargrave

    No, I don't really need to remove it. I make the decisions about performance related issues on my computer, not a program that wants to remove a competitor that I have on here as a secondary check. One Care needs to give me an option of telling it to ignore this specific application. Especially since it finds more spies than Defender and OneCare combined! It should be up to ME what applications are to be installed and\or uninstalled. It's not like this is a malware program!

    6:22:02 PM Ronino D

    As I said earlier it detected as a Conflicting program and not a malware, in that case also if you want to continue using that there is a possibility that OneCare will show a issue on how it will work.

    6:25:54 PM Joseph Hargrave

    It is NOT a conflicting program. A conflicting program is one that continously running in the background LIKE OneCare does. AdAware doesn't run continously in the background. Besides, as I said previously, it IS up to me what is installed and/or uninstalled on my computer's. I AM AN IT Person...

    6:27:53 PM Ronino D

    May I know the exact message of OneCare prompted you regarding on AdAware2007?

    6:30:51 PM Joseph Hargrave

    OneCare is maintaining your PC making the following program(s) unneccesary. Keeping these programs installed may affect the operation of OneCare and cause severe performance problems for your computer.

    6:35:02 PM Ronino D

    I understand.

    6:40:13 PM Ronino D

    There is still a possibility that it may interfere on the services of OneCare.

    6:40:35 PM Joseph Hargrave

    OneCare already has an issue with this program. It has made this computer red on OneCare and on my hub computer. On the basis of it MAY cause a problem? What programs will be next? Microsoft is trying to remove any competitors programs. Perhaps I should uninstall OneCare and go to a competitor that doesn't mind being checked! Now, I was a Beta tester for OneCare and recommended it to my friends. How does that make me look when OneCare want's to start uninstalling programs based on whims? MAY INTERFERE??

    6:41:44 PM Joseph Hargrave

    A freaking meteor may interfere with OneCare's function!

    6:43:37 PM Ronino D

    I apologize about that but I'm not saying that it was trying to remove some competitors application, what I'm saying is conflict.

    6:44:01 PM Joseph Hargrave

    If that were to happen, then I would decide what the problem is. As of now, I see OneCare as the problem. Especially after this last update, which for the first time OneCare had a problem with a beneficent program.

    6:44:37 PM Ronino D

    Computer cannot use 2 or more security.

    6:45:48 PM Joseph Hargrave

    AdAware is a SPYWARE program, not a security or Virus detection program.

    6:47:17 PM Ronino D

    I know that Joseph and OneCare also has that features, that why also I tell you that it's up to if you still want to use AdAware2007.

    6:48:25 PM Joseph Hargrave

    For OneCare to be green, I'm given the decision to uninstall AdAware or OneCare. I don't believe that should be my only options. I should be able to tell OneCare to ignore a specific application that is beneficial.

    6:49:15 PM Ronino D

    Is that the OneCare message say's?

    6:50:09 PM Joseph Hargrave

    It say's uninstall AdAware now? If I say no, OneCares status remains red.

    6:52:43 PM Ronino D

    Does it give you any oprion?

    6:52:47 PM Ronino D

    Does it give you any option?

    6:53:13 PM Joseph Hargrave

    No options other than what I have stated.

    6:53:47 PM Ronino D

    In that's is the it's up to you?

    6:54:02 PM Ronino D

    As I said earlier it will show an issue.

    7:00:28 PM Ronino D

    Are you still there?

    7:01:17 PM Joseph Hargrave

    OK. So this discussion was a waste of time. The only point I've been trying to make is OneCare should give me the option of telling it to ignore a specific application that I wish to have installed on my computer(s). Your saying that OneCare can now or in the future tell me I need to uninstall any program that OneCare has capriciously and arbitrarily decided that it doesn't want on MY computer! Would that be correct?

    7:06:10 PM Joseph Hargrave

    Are you still there??

    7:07:07 PM Ronino D

    Yes, I'm here.

    7:08:23 PM Joseph Hargrave

    So I take it my question(s) had a little depth and require contemplation and/or translation?

    7:09:12 PM Joseph Hargrave

    If so, tell me and I'll take them to another venue.

    7:09:17 PM Ronino D

    It not is doesn't want the computer, as per any other antivirus software, OneCare does not recommend having two antivirus software installed

    7:10:16 PM Joseph Hargrave

    At the risk of repeating myself, AdAware is NOT an Anti-Virus software!! Good Day!

    Saturday, February 2, 2008 1:33 AM