Acer Easystore Console and Restore could not find or connect to Server RRS feed

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  • I am discussing two issues here.

    One, I lost console connectivity after running nmap to see which ports were open on my server. I remote in using teamview remote software and noticed that the IP will not allow me to connect. I remote in using the teamviewer ID number and I am able to get to the Admin desktop. The Event viewer reveals that the port scan from my laptop triggered the server to block the laptops IP. I am now on my home desktop computer but this is still blocked too...Grey Console Icon in the notification area. I disable the firewall on the server. A quick ping reavealed the new IP.  This is where issue two arose. I decided to go to a static IP from the console, as opposed to remoting in. So I start to set the IP settings up. loose connectivity. I now cannot ping, remote, or use the console to get to the server. The router admin window show no instance of the server either ( except for the old DHCP lease).

    So now I have to break out the shiny new restore disk. I shutdown, restart, and reset server. Restore utility cannot find server. Three or four more of these attempts, utter dread that the FOUR TERABYTES of HDD's and TWO TERABYTES of data are all fubar'd. I start to search the forums. NOTHING. NADA. ZILCH. An epiphany overcomes me. Breakout the old test router and isolate the restore system and the server in their own network. Low and Behold, SERVER FOUND. A few prompts about the possible loss of data or the permanent loss of data options and the server is now going through the motions of defaultization and POSSIBLE Data Recoverization. Is that a word? Oh well, you all get the drift of what i'm talking about. So now, I am at the Server intiallizing screen and its saying it can take hours so I will end it here and update you all later.
    Thursday, July 30, 2009 10:57 PM