The in/out email delivery method cannot be set for a mailbox associated with a queue. RRS feed

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  • Hi, I guess I kind of screwed up some email-related settings on our Dynamcis 365 on-premise site. We recently have updated from CRM 2001 to Dynamcis 365. With CRM 2011 we used CRM for Outlook + Email Router in order to track (archive) emails. All Emails where handled within Outlook/Exchange, no need to send, receive Emails inside CRM. We just needed to track Emails form Outlook in order to attach them as Email-Activity to Accounts/Contacts.

    Now I read about Server-Side Sync as kind of a replacement for Email-Router and started configuring it. I have set up a Email Server Profile, it worked fine, I added one mailbox to it (mine) and played around. Inbound emails from CRM contacts indeed where archived accordingly, but I kind of felt that I cannot manually track emails anymore, or at least not reliably. This was not a big issue forr me, since I am a SysAdmin and only do track Emails for testing purposes. But today, five days later we figured out that no one, or at least no users who's Email settings (send/receive) have been set to server-side-sync, could manually track emails form Outlook to CRM anymore. Outlooks shows them as tracked (which is nasty), but they never appear in CRM. Then I figured out that lots of other users, not all, have got Email Settings send/receive as server-side-sync without having an enabled mailbox for that email server profile (I was the only one I added to this server profile). I then started to delete the email server profile, and have manually configured all users email settings back to CRM for Outlook. This way they at least can manually track emails again, which appear in CRM now.

    But now my personal Mailbox is in limbo. I finally managed to activate it again, no idea why it got deactivated, maybe because I deleted it from the mail server profile before I deleted that one. But In cannot delete it, it says that "A mailbox associated with an user or queue cannot be deleted". But I can also not set it Incoming/Outgoing mail on CRM for Outlook, it says "The incoming or outgoing email delivery method cannot be set to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Outlook for a mailbox associated with a queue.". NOw I have no clue, I found it as in my queue looking at Settings --> Service Management --> Queues --> my active Queues, but I don't know what to do. Finally I'd like to revert my personal email profile to also use Incoming/Outgoing CRM for Outlook. Further, my mailbox is in Test Run Status "in Progress" since about 2 hours. I also restarted CRM Asynchronous Processing Service, but still in progress. Not even a server reboot solved this problem.

    any idea what I did wrong?

    Tuesday, December 5, 2017 4:39 PM