3TB drive hide & seek RRS feed

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  • Just reinstalled WHS v1 on a new 1TB drive, and am about to drop in data drives and copy all my old content over. I know it's not *supposed* to support 3TB drives, but I stuck one in there anyways, to try it out. It's the first non-system drive in a fresh install. The OS itself and disk management see it as a 3TB drive, and I can partition it; give it a drive letter, and see it (and use it) as 3TB (ok, 2700GB & change). But in the WHS console, where I'd add it to the pool, it's a 746 GB drive.

    Why? Where does it get *that* number from? And why not 2TB, if that's the limit?


    Wednesday, November 16, 2011 10:09 PM