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    having a problem with XP Pro installation...


    Issue history / attempted resolutions


    Laptop was/is running fine... XP Pro Boots up, shuts down, all software operates as should.


    attempted to admin the computer by running a defrag..  defrag runs for a while, then whole computer shuts off, no warning, no blue screen, nothing in the event log..  shut down like power cable is pulled.


    system reboots fine, no error reporting that windows encountered a serious error etc. run chkdsk /r from command prompt.. no problem.


    thinking.. hmm problem with the windows file structure maybe !!


    run sfc /scannow ...  runs for a while.. to about 70-80%  computer shuts off again..


    try booting into recovery console... asks for admin password (???) - computer shuts off again.


    reboot is fine..


    try a repair install..  startup process begins to load.. computer shuts off again


    Flashed Bios..  run though all the above.. same results.


    thinking oh well.. just reinstall everything...


    start the install process.. starts to load the install process.. computer shuts off again..


    computer restarts fine, but loosing graphics drivers.  let windows find and install drivers.. restart.. computer runs as it was..  back to start...


    from trouble shooting, it is apparant that the hardware itself is running without issue, if a hardware problem existed it would not allow the OS to run, all programs and functions without issue.


    it seems that a problem exists somewhere in the windows file structure and that every time something of an admin nature reaches that file (or lost file perhaps) the o/s just shuts off.


    so at the moment, can't repair install, reinstall, defrag, run sfc /scannow, or enter the recovery console !!



    Tuesday, April 15, 2008 12:49 PM

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