How to setup data sync to 1 single azure db from different/ multiple on primses RRS feed

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  • I have followed the guide Setup SQL Data Sync and was successful to synchronize from local sql database to Azure Db at the timed interval.

    I could not find a way or find any article if it possible to sync from different sql server with same DB structure on all instance running on different machines like data from c# application? I can install Sync Data Agent on all the machines configured to the same sync group but what would be the conflict? What if there are duplicate entries from 2 users in this case?

    Does anyone have a tutorial that can be followed or any suggestions? 

    Background scenario:
    1. Each user is provided a C# windows form application is to record data into local sql server (sql server express 2014). The sql db has 6 tables and all of them will be used for data insert,delete,update,search from c# app and only 1 table is no editable but only search (the table data is added on the azure cloud table)
    2. The recorded data has to be sent to 1 Central Database i.e. Azure. 
    3. Both Azure and the local on primes database have same structure with must have PK, No identity column, No special characters in the DB, Tables and column names.




    Wednesday, May 30, 2018 6:58 AM