Using MetaDataService to get the display names of attributes RRS feed

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  • Ok, So I'm sure this is fairly simple.  I've gotten to be pretty good at using the CrmSdk and api to customize CRM.  But I'm wondering if there's away to do this. 

    I am using an aspx page, and third party controls to attempt to display a datagrid that will allow for viewing data in an iframe within CRM.  I am using the CRM Service and discovery service already and have had reasonably good success with that.  Now what I'm trying to do is using the MetaDataService (I'm assuming this would be right), I want to get a list of the display names of the fields I'm pulling back. 

    I want this functionality because then the grid headings would automatically update whenever the entity itself is updated, and I wouldn't have to take an extra step to update these headings.  Any thoughts? or good resources on using the MetaDataService to get this information?


    Friday, July 16, 2010 7:13 PM