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  • All the info on Sync toy seems to be way beyond the level of information that I need.  It says "download it and create a folder pair" but that's pretty much it.

    What I am trying to do:

    I am trying to sync folders between two computers running Windows 7 64bit.  (one mobile for work and the other at home) They can be right next to each other on the same network and are on the same homegroup.   Essentially, when I am working from home I want to work on my home computer because it is much more pleasant to use.  But I need the files I worked on to be available to me on my work laptop.  Trying to copy every file I've worked on manually is not an option because the files are spread out in many folders.  I tried Windows briefcase, but it didn't work for me because it seemed to only be able to sync changes in existing documents.  I couldn't add or delete documents from one folder and have it transfer.  Am I right about that or was I doing it wrong? And it was my understanding that Sync Toy does not have that problem -- it can handle added/deleted documents.

    1) do I need to download sync toy on both computers?

    2) create the folder pair in both computers?  Or is one computer the 'master' and runs the whole thing?

    3) Can I make the folder pair be the entire "Documents" folder for a user? or do I need to select folders individually and add the to a folder as in Windows briefcase?

    4)slightly off topic question:  the reason Briefcase didn't work for me was that I wanted to update folders in which one 'side' had new documents or folders in it. 

    5) Can Sync toy handle enormous quantities of data like extensive photo folders or music (20G)?  And if I want to do that, do I create more than one folder pair, like one for documents and one for photos?

    6) Is Synctoy the best method for doing what I am interested in?.  I cannot use a cloud based system because of the security/privacy issues.

    Thank you!

    Sunday, April 22, 2012 6:46 PM

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  • 1) No,just on reciving computer

    2) As above

    3) Probs best to do a pair for each, i have one for photos and one for itunes which well exceed 20g

    6) To be honest,not sure

    Wednesday, August 29, 2012 10:49 AM