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  • Hello All

    I am currently implementing a N-Tier sync application using the SQLExpress Client provider.

    On the server, I hold information for many different customers, defined by a SiteID (int) column which is present in every table.

    How do I tell my client application to only sync the data for a specific client ID?

    If I am right, I need to add a SyncParameter to the SyncAgent, e.g.

                    Dim sp As New SyncParameter
                    sp.Name = "@SiteID"
                    sp.Value = 2 ' just for testing

    But how does that parameter get passed to the server, and how do I use it at the server to filter the data?
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  • Hi

     Below is a sample of how to define a new sync paramter:


    In the syncengine:

    define  a new string value:

    public string SyncPara


    set { syncPara= value; }


    private string syncPara= "";


    syncAgent.Configuration.SyncParameters.Add(new SyncParameter("@SyncPara", syncPara));


    in your syncadapter , you can add your sync paramter to your select statements, such as:


    incrementalUpdates1Cmd.Parameters.Add(new System.Data.SqlClient.SqlParameter("@SyncPara", System.Data.SqlDbType.Int));


    From the client side, you can call the syncengine and give him a value for your sync parameter:

    syncEngine.SyncPara= 1234;


    Hope this will help









    Tuesday, September 30, 2008 4:32 AM