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  • Is there any place where I can report bugs with how the Microsoft web sites behave? I can only find forums and "Microsoft Answers" categories about single products that Microsoft makes, but nothing about the infrastructure itself.

    For about two weeks now, I am required to log into my account every few hours whenever I access any Microsoft website. This includes MSDN help content, forums, or other resources. I need to login after opening the website through F1 help in Visual Studio as well as accessing a link from anywhere else like a web search or a direct link from web or an application.

    Auto-complete does not work either. My browser (Firefox) does save the password, but it never fills it into the form. Other people have already noticed that Microsoft applies some dirty tricks here. And even if the login is remembers for a moment, it's slow as hell. It takes a second or two to load the page (which is not what I wanted to see), then it sits there for some more seconds before going anywhere. Other login services like Google or StackOverflow manage to log me in all within one second and most of the time I don't even see it.

    And then there's still that insecure SSL-to-non-SSL-submit warning that only occurs in other browsers then IE. Has anybody cared about that in the last couple years?! I'm not getting it now, probably because I'm not logged in anymore. It all slowly falls apart, piece by piece. Next step is probably losing my data or not loading it at all.

    THIS – IS – ANNOYING! And it really makes me feel like I don't want to use Microsoft products anymore (because even good desktop applications are connected to that silly website). I have opened a Microsoft Connect ticket for a part of this issue (it's grown bigger since then), but this ticket is totally ignored. If went down, they'd certainly care within minutes or hours. This bug is not even regarded in weeks!

    So do I have to write a postal letter to the president of the whole company or do they have support staff for that?! Do they have anybody who is capable of maintaining their website? It's really frustrating how Microsoft has a web presence that is worse than what our first-year trainees come up with. It's full of bugs and this is currently only the most relevant one. Do they even care about how the world sees them? Or is Microsoft currently preparing (and even failing) to move out of business?

    Monday, February 16, 2015 3:55 PM


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