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  • I have 3 computers in my OneCare Circle, a Desktop (Primary), a  Notebook and a UMPC.  When the Notebook computer is turned off, the OneCare Status Icon in my Desktop computer's bottom tray turns red, indicating that there is a problem with my OneCare services.  When I click on the OneCare Status Icon, I receive an "Urgent" "Action to Take" message that states my OneCare Virus & Spyware monitoring and my Firewall are turned off on the "Notebook" computer. When I turn the notebook on, the OneCare Status Icon on the Notebook is green and all OneCare programs are running correctly.


    The Desktop OneCare Status is still red, however, upon restarting the Desktop OneCare, the message now advises me to "Turn On" the Notebook's Onecare Virus, Spyware & Firewall.   When I click on the "Turn On" bttons, the buttons change to "In Progress", but change back to "Turn On" within one minute.  All the while, the Notebook computer's OneCare services are running correctly.. 


    The big problem that I have with this is that my notebook computer is usually turned off, so I continuously have a red OneCare Icon on my Desktop computer indicating that there is a serious problem with my OneCare services.  This is dangerous because I don't know if I really have a serious problem, or is it a OneCare Status Icon indicating an incorrect status. What is the solution?

    Monday, September 29, 2008 2:47 PM