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  • I am using the latest CTP 2 version of the Sync Framework and ADO.NET Services.  I plan to use the framework to synchronize data between our remote clients (desktop application) and our central SQL Server.  When following the provided demos they normally recommend adding the "Local Database Cache" item to create a local database for the application.  I viewed this .sdf database and noticed that it does not port over any of the referential integrity (other than primary keys) that exists on the central server.  It is imperative that our application deals with a normalized database containing the referential integrity that was established on the central server.  Therefore, do you recommed not using the Local Database Cache in this case?  If so then is there a utility available for creating a SQL Compact Edition database from a SQL Server Database?




    ~ Darrin Boyd

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    Monday, March 17, 2008 5:01 PM


  • Hi Darrin,


    Yes, referential integrity conversion was one of the features that did not make it into the current build of Visual Studio that you are using.  As you can imagine this is certainly one of the things that we will want to add for a future release.  As of right now the main option I know of would be to manually add the contraints after the .sdf is created.


    Beyond manually adding the references to the newly created .sdf I am not sure of any utilities that will migrate these contraints from SQL Server.




    Monday, March 17, 2008 7:32 PM