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  • Guys,


    I've had a look at a couple of examples and got them to work for my custom databases using Sync Services without WCF and just using a standard web proxy.


    I am looking to develop the following type of application:


    • 5-10 Reference data tables (download only from server to client)
    • 1-2 Insertion data tables (upload from client to server)


    The clients will be WM5 or WM6 devices and will be using a GPRS / 3G connection to sync OTA.


    What I need to know is more about how Sync Services handles device disconnections mid-sync etc, how is it dealing with PK conflicts on the server end when one or more device uploads data that clashes etc, and finally is there any reason to look to use WCF as opposed to standard WS for a mobile device scenario?


    I also seem to encounter an error when enabling SQL 2008 change tracking relating to being unabel to set a DBSyncServerProvider which I can't seem to get round...using the old Tombstone tables etc. everything is fine.


    I'd be grateful for any suggestions, experiences realting to this.





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  • I developped a sample program which uses WCF and Sync services to synchronize a dataset between SqlServer2008 and WM6.

    In general consider that you can handle device disconnnections enabling transaction management during sync operations. Regarding WS at the moment the only binding available for WCF on WM6 is based on BasicHttpBinding.


    this is the link:



    Hope can help!

    Friday, October 10, 2008 1:19 PM
  • Thanks for that, all looks good and I'm working through it.


    Ideally the majority of my devices will be syncing solely over GPRS (3G if they're really lucky.)


    As a result, I really want to look at improving the problems associated with dropping the connection halfway through. any ideas how to achieve this?


    I'd also really like to look at implementing a Scheduled Sync Agent.Synchronize command to transparently sync the dataset without the user knowing.






    Thursday, October 23, 2008 10:55 AM