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  • This is so bizarre I don't know whether it is just IE EPM or something strange about the forums. But it has happened twice. Yesterday I lost a partially composed reply from it and today I lost all context from My Forums.

    I suspect it is a combination of EPM plus these forums.  I happen to be using EPM + 64-bit tabs while I am working on another incident.  That's when I started noticing strange things like this happening.

    In each case, the tab that crashed was not the one that I was in but probably was the one which launched the tab that I was in. 

    How do I diagnose this?  It is not something that I can reproduce.  It is not something that occurs frequently enough that I want to be running ProcMon all that time.  (ProcMon has been having its own problems recently too which makes me even less willing to do that.)  The tab was completely gone; otherwise I would try checking the Developer Tools, Console tab for the clues, since I at least have it supposedly showing all Console messages even if it hasn't been opened that soon.  BTW one concern about that diagnostic is that it is always showing Clear entries on navigate, which I suspect makes it less useful if the problem is associated with a redirect.

    I recently became aware of ETW tracing as a diagnostic option.  How much overhead would there be from ETW tracing and which ones would be good to try?


    Finding that and Pasting it has made me realize that I am currently operating with another unusual option for me: 
        Use most recent order when switching tabs with Ctrl+Tab
    I toggled that one on a while ago when I had so many tabs open I couldn't find the ones that I wanted to get back to even with a whole row of them showing!  Alt-T O, Ctrl-Backtab, HT, CursorUp x3.   (That has always just screamed "Where's the toggle?" at me.)   I'll toggle that off now at least and see if that changes the frequency of this crash symptom.

    Is there at least some post-mortem diagnostic I can check?  Perhaps there is an ETW for that at least which I should be enabling that wouldn't have too much overhead?

    Meanwhile I am going to have to resume my wariness about Editing and do more Ctrl-a, Ctrl-c AND saves.  I had become increasingly lax about doing that even before clicking Submit because of the relative reliability I had been getting.


    Robert Aldwinckle

    Wednesday, February 4, 2015 6:18 PM


  • I'm now back to my normal settings.  Not EPM and Ctrl-Tab = Next tab.

    My biggest irritant remains that (assumed) 500 response to Submit from Message list.  In fact, now that that has made me think about it I will start the Network Capture...

    Robert Aldwinckle

    Tuesday, February 10, 2015 12:07 AM

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