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  • Hopefully a response from Darin Smith whom I assume is an MS employee.
    An eBay seller, Micro_tech1, has been for the past 2 years been selling computer systems activated with a MSDN key. This was verified by purchasing a system from them, which no DVD or COA was delivered. By the way, the price was well below the cost of the software which was our first clue that something illegal was going on, however, eBay is not that smart or simply does not care since. Running Jellybean Keyfinder revealed the activation product code. A quick call to MS 6 months ago confirmed the key was an MSDN key activated over 900 times!!! Complaints to eBay has proven to be a dead end other than my account being suspended for contacting the sellers buyers to ask if they received the COA, which many confirmed that they did not. I have since called MS again, provided the key and was confirmed once again as a MSDN key activated over 900 times. Now why question is why has that key not be blacklisted by MS and allowed this seller to continue to commit fraud? eBay told me that no action will be taken against the sellers account based on the 100% feedback from buyers unless MS files a VERO report at which point eBay has no other choice but to remove the seller. Does Microsoft not record the activating IP address? Ir would be a way to track the activations

    1. Reports have been filed with the Illinois Attorney General since the seller is located in Chicago, IL
    2. Reports have been filed with the Microsoft anti Piracy that has proven as a useless tool as they reply back asking for a DVD or COA is be sent to them for replacement. Impossible to send what is not delivered with the computer.
    3. Report filed with SBA months ago, no action taken either

    What I found to be interesting, a few months ago eBay removed the sellers Intel listings because the title of the listings had "Office Professional 2010". The AMD systems not removed had that same wording but was in the sub title of the listing. As you can imagine, the seller simply relisted the removed items and placed the "Office Professional 2010" in the subtitle and the listings have been allowed to remained.    

    But as many know, the general public is not knowledgeable in regards to the licensing requirements as to what is legal or illegal or simply do not care. Until MS blacklist that product key,

    It's as if Microsoft is their OWN worst enemy when it comes to piracy by allowing this to continue. Why has MS not taken action to blacklist the key and start the wheels in motion to get this illegal activity off eBay?
    Saturday, October 27, 2012 11:59 AM

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  • Unfortunately, Darin is no longer the 'Owner' of these forums, and there is currently no MS staffer in regular attendance (so the nearest you get is me - an unpaid volunteer who cannot speak for Microsoft)

    Microsoft go to considerable lengths (and expense) to track down purveyors of counterfeits, and shut them down - unfortunately this process can be extremely lengthy, and often results only in the eBay 'store' opening up the next minute with a new name.  Even where they do manage to find and prosecute the store owner, the process itself can take a long while and in the meantime the miscreant merely set up shops down the road.

    Microsoft can only act when it receives pertinent data - if no-one has complained to them of that particular vendor, then they cannot investigate it, and many vendors will go to great lengths to delay that process by means of issuing 'new' keys on request to complainants.

    MSDN Keys are routinely blocked for abuse - as witness the many such reports in this forum. It seems that this instance slipped though the net.

    You should contact MS through more direct channels, as there is nothing that we can do here for you (I will try and bring this to the attention of forum management, but it's unlikely that they will or can respond in the thread for legal reasons).

    Noel Paton | Nil Carborundum Illegitemi | CrashFixPC | The Three-toed Sloth

    Saturday, October 27, 2012 1:25 PM