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  • Hi, Betazoids. If you are like me, you've already downloaded the Windows HPC Server 2008 beta (aka CCS V2) and brought it up on some test gear. But if you do a 'job submit /?' you don't see any of the new features like /numnodes documented. Even worse, you can't use them!


    Fear not. It's all in there. Use job2 instead of job and you'll get all the goodies we've been waiting for.


    C:\Home\fchism\uSaneV2>job2 submit /?
        job submit [/scheduler:name] [/Id:JobID] [/user:[domainname\]username]
                   [/password: password]
        job submit [/scheduler:name] [/jobfile: path\name]
                   [/user:[domainname\]username] [/password: password]
        job submit [/scheduler:name] [/AskedNodes:nodename{,nodename}*]
                   [/JobName:jobname] [/License:feature:amount{,feature:amount}*]
                   [/ProjectName:name] [/RunUntilCanceled:{true|false}]
                   [/jobtemplate: profile] [/NodeGroup:nodegroup{,nodegroup}*]
                   [/OrderBy:attr{,attr}*] [/user:[domainname\]username]
                   [/password: password] [/memorypernode:min[-max]]
                   [/processorspernode:min[-max]] [/Depend:taskname]
                   [/env:{name=value}] [/Exclusive:{true|false}] [/Name:name]
                   [/numprocessors:min[-max]] [/numnodes:min[-max]]
                   [/numsockets:min[-max]] [/RequiredNodes:node{,node}*]
                   [/Rerunnable:{true|false}] [/Runtime:{[[DD:]HH:]MM|Infinite}]
                   [/StdErr: path] [/StdIn: path] [/StdOut: path] [/workdir:folder]
            /scheduler           - Cluster Name
            /AskedNodes          - AskedNodes
            /JobName             - Name
            /License             - SoftwareLicense
            /Priority            - Priority
            /ProjectName         - Project
            /RunUntilCanceled    - RunUntilCanceled
            /jobtemplate         - Profile
            /NodeGroup           - NodeGroup
            /OrderBy             - OrderBy
            /user                - UserName
            /password            - PasswordClear
            /memorypernode       - Memory requirement for the nodes
            /processorspernode   - Processor requirement for the nodes
            /Depend              - DependentTasks
            /env                 - Task environment variable
            /Exclusive           - IsExclusive
            /Name                - Name
            /numprocessors       - Number of processors
            /numnodes            - Number of nodes
            /numsockets          - Number of sockets
            /RequiredNodes       - RequiredNodes
            /Rerunnable          - IsRerunnable
            /Runtime             - Runtime for the object
            /StdErr              - StdErrFilePath
            /StdIn               - StdInFilePath
            /StdOut              - StdOutFilePath
            /workdir             - WorkDirectory
            /parametric          - parametric ranges




    Later, Dudes and Dudettes.



    Thursday, November 29, 2007 8:41 PM

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  • Yo, Betaziod Community!

    Our friends at MS HPC dev have been at it again and with the release of HPC Pack Community Technology Preview (CTP) JOB2 is now JOB while the old JOB is now JOB1.

    Test long and perspire.

    Saturday, March 29, 2008 3:00 AM