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  • Been trying to export my 2006 files to Quicken 2011. Some time ago, I wound up with Money Plus Deluxe, didn't understand the reasons or implications. I've been having all sorts of problems, and this morning it seems Microsoft has shut me out. My password didn't work (on either the 2006 or the Plus files), kept saying invalid password, so I changed it ---twice. Still no go. Downloaded the Sunset program, but cannot open it, either. Quicken advised getting the triel of 2007 or 2008, which didn't work either.

    SO! I need help with why my passwords won't work, and then once I do get into a working program, how do I import the data from either (or both) 2006 or Sunset? I d/led a QIF converter, but that sends it to excel 97 or later. I'm on XP and don't know the name of its spreadsheet. Would rather do it clean as possible.

    Thanks in advance

    Saturday, July 2, 2011 7:40 PM

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  • Disconnect from the internet, and open Money. Log in offline with the credentials that were in effect at the time when you successfully accessed the file. Once in, Remove the Live ID. For more info see http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/money/thread/c2fe2b16-65cf-460a-9423-7e6464228730

    Saturday, July 2, 2011 8:48 PM
  • No luck, Cal. Went off line, have Money Sunset installed, also have Money Plus Deluxe available on CD. I deleted the windows live id, which is the same ID that worked a week ago, still get the 'invalid' message. I guess I'm missing something here. How do I log in if the sign in is not letting me in?

    I've changed the PW several times before I posted, to no avail. There may be an older ID from a previous IP. I saw one reply that said he found his old id, don't know how he did it.

    I had no problems during the whole month of June when I was trying to move to Quicken. The stuff hit the fan on Saturday and now I'm dead. I think the files are there yet, but can't get to them.


    R. Pustelnik
    Monday, July 4, 2011 2:02 PM

    Regarding "I deleted the windows live id, which is the same ID that worked a week ago, still get the 'invalid' message. ", I think there was a misunderstanding. When I said " Once in, Remove the Live ID.", I meant that once you had successfully logged in to your file offline, that you should go to File-PasswordManager within Money and remove your LiveID from your Money file. However, your action probably did not affect the situation.

    You still need to get in offline, and for that you will need the LiveID credentials that were in effect at the time the file was last used. That will consist of a portion that corresponds to an email address, and it consists of a password that you provided. I suggest you write down all of your email addresses and passwords that you might have used. Think on it. Sleep on it. Expand your list. Search the various places that you might have recorded credentials. Then disconnect from the internet, and try logging in to Money offline using various permutations. Once into the file, removed your LiveID within Money.

    Now I don't understand what your last paragraph means. What did you do without problem? Did you successfully do a conversion to Quicken during June? I doubt that is what you are saying, because that would conflict with your July 2 posting.

    Monday, July 4, 2011 3:29 PM