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  • I had the same issues as Phreaker22. The Antivirus 2008 virus I think is created by a Virus called smitfraud-C - or at least that virus was present at the same time as all the Hijack activity going on for Antivirus 2008.

    The virus was relatively easy to clean up with Panda Antivirus, ExterminateIT and Spybot S&D - but it has left my (genuine) copy of Windows XP Pro with the message "Unable to complete Genuine Windows Validation"

    I think the suggestions by MS staff to reinstall Windows are just ridiculous - my computer is completely free of virus now as proven by any number of scanners.

    A reinstall could take many days work to get all the drivers, games and files reinstalled.

    Unfortunately I can't run a Windows repair (as suggested by MS forum) as my installed system has upgrade to SP3 and my media has only got sp2 on it - so the Windows repair process won't let me continue.

    Microsoft needs to lift their game here - virus and Adware are unfortunately a fact of life - look at the number of posts on this forum from people who have failing WGA due to virus issues.

    Just saying "reload windows" seems somewhat arcane - surely MS can device a way of just getting through this.

    I am just going to live with the message as the alternave is too horrendous to consider - which I don't think was what MS wanted when they introduced WGA?


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  • Murray101,

    You can update your XP SP2 installation CD by "slipstreaming" SP3 into it.


    After that, a repair reinstallation mayfix the Windows files damaged by the virus.

    Finally, one of the best kept secrets for protecting your computer is to do your daily computing using a Limited User account and ONLY use a Computer Administrator account when the task at hand requires it.  If you combine this technique with keeping your Windows and IE7 fully updated, being smart about what you choose to install on the computer, and using a top quality antivirus product, you can head off just about any problems.
    For great advice on all topics XP, visit http://www.annoyances.org/exec/forum/winxp
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