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  • Hi,

    Hi is james again.
    I forgot to mention we are stone artist in Europe, we work in outdoor all the time. At the same, we need to use our computer to show our client for the products progress ( some time they are few tones so we can not bring to them before it finished).

    what I mean is I running RAID on my 2X250 GB SATA hard disk.
    In addition is that do I need static IP to establish the remote connection.Because I don't want to  ask my
    Internet provider to setup  static IP for my family It cost me a lot more and you know some time you just want  to update
    one or two word docs or contact list with your notebook.
    And if you don't need static IP  how can you do that?

    ALL I want to do is I have three PC laptops and one Mac Power Book and an internet access and ASDL modem with router
    of course the Dell computer that ( want to install the Home Server ).
    All I want to do is those machines had update data files and automatic backup to the server in both remotely and locally.
    Because the two of the PC and the Mac are always on remote site. one Mac and one PC use dial up 3G board band.
    and one remote PC has board band all the time. Specifically the Mac is on the stone factory it has a lot of JEPG need to send back to the server to backup.

    I hope you understand my poor English and thanks for all your help so far.

    James Chuk

    Friday, June 20, 2008 3:35 PM

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  • Dear James,


    Let me see if I read this correctly first.


    The first part about you needing a static IP I do not quite get. Please explain what it is you need again. I kind of fear you are trying to connect a remote PC to your home network and run it as if it where a part of the home network.


    You have a Dell WHS server connected via ADSL. If this is so, you will have (I hope you do) an by the ISP assigned static IP. This is what I call an incoming IP, (by the way, it is not the same as the IP address you will see inside the server). Just query the router and find out what the external IP address is.


    For the remote systems I suggest you use the possibility to log into your WHS remotely from each remote PC, and just copy the files over using the the interface you then have. The WHS server will take care of the rest. It is manual though but it will work for you.


    I would not know of an automated process, nor a program that could do the whole thing on autopilot. Look at the sequence, log into the net first, log into your WHS, start the copy process. I sure know that the WHS client cannot take care of that from a remote location (but I stand corrected if someone else has a way to do so).


    What will do the trick for you though (it will take some major configuration) is a VPN connection. It would be a *** to get running each time though. That would need a router that supports such. The VPN would then make your remote PC look like a PC within the network at your server site. The standard routers you get from ISP usualy do not have the VPN option, you would need to get is replaced. My 3Com OfficeConnect box needs a software license if I wanted to use that VPN connection. Installing the VPN client at the PC would make this work, and the WHS could run as normal. (I have not tested this though). What I do see happening, so please mind this, is that when I use the VPN connection from within my network to connect to work, the WHS client turns off (gray) (this is logical). Since your WHS client would probably autostart, you would need to take care of the startup sequence to prevent the same, first start the VPN to et the connection up then (manualy?) the WHS client.


    Trust the manual suggestion will work for you, the other I would have tested before buying a new (VPN capable) router.



    Jack @ Home

    The Netherlands




    Friday, July 4, 2008 10:31 PM
  • James,

    There are a couple of ways to 'bypass' the requirement for a static IP. If you set up your Windows Home Server, part of the setup is to provide you with your own Domain Name, for example, www.jackchuk.homeserver.com, this is provided free with your purchase, and Microsoft take care of keeping the name associated with your dynamic IP.

    That means you can log into your homeserver from anywhere with an internet connection.

    The best way to understand what WHS can do for you, is to read through the Documents available here. Particularly the Remote Access paper.

    To back up your Clients remotely, it is possible using something like Hamachi, from LogMeIn. It is quick and straightforward to set up, however, you will need to ensure that your first backups are done locally. This is because they can take some time, even over a local network, while any follow up backups will be small, so can be done remotely.

    You will not be able to back up your Mac, WHS doesn't recognise it at all, also, you will not be able to log in to WHS from it, (the remote control requires an ActiveX control,) but you will be able to connect with your Mac to the jackchuk server name, and copy files backwards and forwards beteen the Mac and the server.



    Saturday, July 5, 2008 9:57 AM