Can not import translations for ribboncustomization in CRM 2011 RRS feed

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  • In a customized installation of CRM 2011 (RU's applied), base language English, French language pack installed. From normal settings -> customizations -> customize the system, export translations. The resulting CrmTranslation.xml contains rows in the Labels tab that are for RibbonCustomization and thus are not yet translated in the 1036 (French/France) column. If you add translations (well under 500 characters in length) and save, build the zip containing the 2 files (.e. [Content_Types].xml and CrmTranslations.xml (which was updated), and then import translations an error occurs on the 1st row that is an Entity name of RibbonCustomization. If I remove all the rows that are of that Entity name the import works fine. If I create a file with only one of those rows in the Labels tab I get the same error. I can not find a reference about translating the ribbon customization labels (the new buttons).

    Note: the error displayed in a modal popup does not have an option to look at log (no buttons or options). Importing translations failed. Error Details: Invalid Argument  Tab Name:Localized Labels. Excel Row Number:939  (939 is just an example, this is the 1st row of Entity name "RibbonCustomization".

    Friday, August 19, 2011 1:35 PM