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  • I am modifying some existing Visual Basic 6 applications to use HTML Help. They previously used WinHelp. The modified applications work fine with their own calls to hhctrl.ocx.

    However, when they call a .com (Active X .dll) module that displays a form with a Help button that calls HTML Help from the .com module - there is a problem. The application creates an instance of the .com; the user enters data in the form displayed by the .com module; the .com module is closed and control returns to the application. The com module closes the HTML Help window with a HH_CLOSE_ALL call as it terminates and returns control to the calling application. After a short delay, the Windows XP message that the application "encounterd a problem" appears, and the application terminates.


    The .com module calls a different .chm file than the application.


    If I close the HH window manually while the .com module's form is displayed, the error still occurs.


    The code in the .com module is parallel to the old WinHelp calls, which has worked perfectly for several years.


    Has anyone else seen this problem ?

    Wednesday, March 19, 2008 12:16 AM