Installing DVD on ASUS A7v600-X mobo (fixed) RRS feed

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  • So I just got invited to the beta, and let me say I am excited to try out this handy dandy software.  only problem is that my test system seems not to be picking up the DVD in my drive for booting.  here are my system specs:

    ASUS A7v600-X motherboard
    AMD 2700+ Socket-A
    1GB RAM
    GeForce TI 4200+ /w 128mb RAM
    120GB PATA Western Digital HDD
    120GB SATA Western Digital HDD (Primary boot drive)
    floppy drive

    I had heard that some older motherboards might have trouble with installing the software, but this particular model is only 3 years old... and the only other test mobo I have is an even older MSI board that supports up to an AMD 1800+

    [EDIT]:  Just did a little surfing, and it appears that in order to get the DVD-ROM to boot from a DVD you must make sure it is on the primary IDE channel as opposed to the secondary.  Installing WHS as we speak!
    Tuesday, March 6, 2007 3:57 AM